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We (co-hosts BJ & Mitu) are a couple judgmental friends who want to put our judgy skills and intense love of television to use for you! We watch the pilot episodes of TV shows and answer your question: 'Should I Watch This?'

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    The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    We review the Netflix action-comic comedy, The Umbrella Academy, on The Pilot Podcast. An eccentric billionaire bought seven of forty-three children who were born at the same time under mysterious circumstances. Follow these super siblings as they navigate action and family drama against a billionaire mansion backdrop. Can superpowers and wealth buy you happiness? We’ll see!

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    Miracle Workers

    We review the TBS comedy, Miracle Workers, on The Pilot Podcast. Steve Buscemi is God and Daniel Radcliffe is an angel and even they can’t escape millennial burnout. Join us as question time, space, miracles, what our unanswered prayers would be, and the CGI on Will Smith’s genie in the live-action Aladdin trailer. Can you overcome burnout? If God can’t, then what chance do we have?

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    Russian Doll

    We review the Netflix drama, Russian Doll, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Nadia repeatedly die on her birthday and struggle to figure out what no one else seems to be noticing. This type of mysterious plot brings up so many questions and it’s hard to know which is the most important or relevant. Like, does her missing cat matter? Can you have a genuine love interest if you are repeating the same day over and over? And, does she become one day older after each cycle?

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    The World's Best

    We review the outsized CBS series, The World’s Best, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we fawn over singers from around the globe, admire a violinist’s resilience, and truly freak out over a man who swallows swords. Would you implant magnets under your skin? No? Maybe? Let’s talk about a man who did so he could more easily swallow swords.

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    I Am the Night

    We review the TNT series, I Am the Night, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Fauna Hodel, a young girl who was given up by her birth mother, uncover the secrets of her past. It’s going to be a wild ride as she follows a sinister trail that draws her closer to the legendary Black Dahlia murder. Oh yeah, and Chris Pine plays a reporter who wants to know more about the murder too.

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    We review the Netflix animated series, Hilda, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch an adventurous young girl and her deerfox explore the fantastical Scandinavian inspired world filled with trolls, elves and more. It seems that Hilda is always getting herself and her friends and family involved in precarious situations. Would you live in the middle of nowhere with your mom and a deerfox named Twig?

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    We review the dropped from Lifetime, but picked up by Netflix, You, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch a stalker go up against a woman who can comfortably be described as an exhibitionist. We also share reading recommendations to go with the show and relive fun college memories. Can you look past Joe’s good looks to see the monster for who he is?

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    Carmen Sandiego

    We review the Netflix reboot, Carmen Sandiego, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch the top tier thief, Carmen (or Black Sheep to her friends), take on V.I.L.E. by acting as a modern day Robin Hood. We even dive into the importance of shows like this. Also, where in the world do you think Carmen Sandiego will go next?

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    Celebrity Big Brother

    We review the new season of the CBS spinoff, Celebrity Big Brother, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch a wide range of celebrities (some really stretch that definition) as they compete to win lots of money. It’s weird that they live on a soundstage, right? Also, we would be much better than most of the contestants at these games.

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    Roswell, New Mexico

    We review the new CW sci-fi drama, Roswell New Mexico, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch biomedical researcher Liz return home to find out her teenage crush and his siblings are aliens. Also, her dad is an alien but a different kind. Aside from all of that, we have all of best parts of a CW show, attractive, young people with relationship drama.

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    Deadly Class

    We review the new SyFy teen (?) drama, Deadly Class, on The Pilot Podcast! Tune in as we debate the age of the characters, question the assassin-filled teen cliques, and debate which of these teens is actually dangerous. BJ is also duped into his first hypothetical “would you rather?”!

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    The Passage

    We review the new Fox drama, The Passage, on the Pilot Podcast! Tune in as both of us surprisingly ask for even more horror (or at least a recreation of a Lionel Richie music video) from the show and just generally more camp. We also debate why this little girl is specifically important to their mission, plead with our listeners to wash their hands, and share about our other favorite sci-fi shows.

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    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    We review the new MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch attractive, young Americans work for Lindsay Lohan at a beach club in Mykonos where the main objective is to sell cabanas and booze. While neither of us would visit her beach club, we have to admit the sand and water looked absolutely breathtaking and would make a great vacation spot.

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    The Titan Games

    We review the new NBC sports competition series, The Titan Games, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recruit people with sob stories to compete in physical games of massive proportions all for the chance to claim the title of Titan Champion. Did you know this show is created, presented and produced by The Rock?

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    The Masked Singer

    We review the new Fox reality game show, The Masked Singer, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we rant about the selection of panelists/judges, all the strange comments about body shapes/sizes, Nick Cannon’s hair, and who would make good celebrities for this show. Are you interested in finding out the identify of all 12 masked singers?

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    Best of The Pilot Podcast (2018)

    We reflect on our favorite moments and shows of 2018 on the The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we relive memories of reviews past, award our favorite shows in various categories and list off our Top 3 shows for 2018. Hope ya’ll enjoy this best-of episode!

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    The Nanny

    We review the classic CBS sitcom, The Nanny, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Fran become an awesome nanny while making the Sheffield family fall in love with her. Also, there are so many awesome side characters from Niles to C.C. to Sylvia! Overall, this review is a spectacular trip down memory lane.

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    We review the Syfy series, Nightflyers, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Karl, Dr. Matheson, Melantha and the psychic guy, Thale, go on a journey through space. Would you journey to make contact with alien life in the year 2093? And can someone please explain why terrifying and violent events always happen when you’re alone in space?

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    Single Parents

    We review the ABC Comedy, Single Parents, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch single dad Will mix with the established cool single parents at his daughter's school. Would a 30 year old divorced dad really only own bean bag chairs? And can we pause and ask ourselves, would these single parents actually be friends?

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    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    We review the hit FX sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch The Gang Gets Racist. Can they not go a moment without being offensive? Is it so wrong to exploit your customers to make your bar more successful? Also, Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Dee really need to learn about not crossing boundaries.

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    How to Get Away with Murder

    We review the hit ABC series, How To Get Away With Murder, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we drop in on the fifth mid-season finale to watch Annalise and what’s left of her squad as they attend a wedding. Do you think Annalise will ever pull it all together? Will the Keating 4 ever not be involved in a murder? Also, why would you sit a baby in the snow?!

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    (SPOILERS) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Season 1

    Join us for a special episode of The Pilot Podcast that we spontaneously recorded at DCPodFest with the help of WildFire Radio. I hope you don't mind a few spoilers for season one of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    We review the Netflix series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we follow 15-year-old Sabrina on the eve of her dark baptism. She will have to choose between her mortal side and her witch side but it’s not going to be an easy decision. Do you think she will stick with her high school life with Harvey and friends or will she be tempted to go full witch with her familiar Salem by her side?

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    The Rookie

    We review the ABC crime drama, The Rookie, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch John Nolan, a forty-year-old man, become the oldest rookie at the Los Angeles Police Department. Do you think he will be able to handle this dangerous new career and navigate all his coworkers strong personalities?

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    We review the CW reboot of Charmed on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Macy, Mel and Maggie discover their new magical powers and fight off supernatural threats. Do you want the power of telepathy, telekinesis, and time control? Also, do you think the message about consent was made clear in the pilot?

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    Happy Together

    We review the new CBS comedy, Happy Together, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Jake and Claire leave their mundane life behind and experience some lively fun with pop star Cooper. Do you think Claire looks like she’s in her forties and has Cooper never really eaten a sugary pastry before now?

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    The Cool Kids

    We review the new Fox comedy, The Cool Kids, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we follow Hank, Charlie and Sid on their adventures at their retirement community. Do you think Margaret will be a good addition to complete the foursome or just a troublemaker?

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    Murphy Brown

    We review the CBS revival of Murphy Brown on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Murphy Brown get her crew back together to combat the rise of misinformation and fake news. Did we mention her morning show is also competing against her son’s own morning show? Awkward!

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    A Million Little Things

    We review the new ABC family drama, A Million Little Things, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we take a serious dive into the lives of a friend group who recently lost an important member.

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    New Amsterdam

    We review the plot-filled NBC medical drama, New Amsterdam, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Dr. Goodwin, win at every argument and conversation he has with his new staff on his first day as medical director of one of the oldest US public hospitals. It’s interesting to watch a neglected facility be reformed to provide exceptional care to patients.

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    We review the new CBS drama, FBI, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we critique the latest tv series by Dick Wolf, creator of the Law & Order franchise, as well as actor Zeeko Zaki’s ability to pretend to take notes. (Also, the Christmas movie we reference in this episode is a Lifetime original called Snowed Inn Christmas.)

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    Magnum, P.I.

    We review the action-packed CBS reboot of Magnum, P.I. on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we follow Magnum, Higgins, Rick and TC as they solve crimes and save lives on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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    We review the new drama series, Manifest, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us and the gang from Flight 828 as we listen to the mysterious voice and figure out what has been the biggest changes in the past 5 years. Yeah, time travel and mysteries can be so confusing.

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    I Feel Bad

    We review the NBC comedy series, I Feel Bad on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we try to find out if Emet can have it all.

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    The Sinner

    We review the crime drama mystery series, The Sinner, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch Detective Ambrose dive deep into the murder committed by Cora. What’s up with Cora’s past and why did she stab a man to death on the beach?

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    We review the new Amazon comedy, Forever, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we watch June and Oscar spice up their comfortable and predictable marriage with a ski trip. Will they break out of their comfort zone and enjoy a new life together?

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    We review the new Fox comedy series, Rel, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we follow Lil Rel and his friends in Chicago navigating gossip, loose boots and an empty apartment. Also, when is he going to find a new barber?

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    We review the Netflix comedy series, GLOW, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we discuss wrestling, friendships, and the awesomeness that is women.

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    Marching Orders

    We review the Netflix documentary series, Marching Orders, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we follow the dedicated band members of Bethune-Cookman University as they work hard towards their first performance of the year. Do you think you have what it takes to make the band?

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    Young Sheldon

    We review the CBS comedy, Young Sheldon, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We follow Sheldon on his first day of high school and analyze his family relationships. Also, what’s up with his stereotypical classmates?

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    We review the Netflix thriller, Bloodline, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We have our special guest, Marden, join us as we discuss the Florida Keys, Rayburn family drama, and the talented cast of this show. Also, listen for some cool insight into pitching shows to Netflix.

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    Killing Eve

    We review BBC America's drama series, Killing Eve, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We join Eve and Villanelle as they investigate and assassinate. Are they both psychopaths? Will the good guys solve the case? Will someone kill Eve? So many questions to consider!

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    Steven Universe

    We review Cartoon Network's animated series, Steven Universe, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We join the crystal gems on two adventures in the pilot episode and episode one. There is also an interesting conversation about the CalArts style.

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    One Day at a Time

    We review Netflix’s comedy, One Day at a Time, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We debate this Latino reimagining of a Norman Lear classic sitcom. Are we ready to join an army nurse and her feisty mother on this multi-cam show with a studio audience?

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    Take Two

    We review ABC's new crime comedy-drama, Take Two, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We try to find out if the duo of Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian can be as good as the crime show Castle. We've got an actress fresh out of rehab and a private investigator, so they obviously are going to solve all the crimes and save the day.

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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    We review the pilot episode of the 90's live-action superhero children's television series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We head to the town of Angel Grove to watch Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Billy fight to save the world as Rita Repulsa begins her assault. The only way to describe this trip down memory lane is pure fun (mixed with nostalgia)!

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    Loosely Exactly Nicole

    We review the pilot episode of the comedy web series, Loosely Exactly Nicole, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We join Nicole Byer as she lives out her Hollywood dreams with her best friends Devin and Veronica. The real challenge was determining which plot points are loosely or exactly based on Nicole's life.

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    Nailed It!

    We review the pilot episode of Netflix's reality bake-off competition, Nailed It, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. We join Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres as they watch to see which amateur baker can replicate complicated cakes and confectionery. FYI, we totally think we could win the $10,000 cash prize (and no one can leave until we count all the money).

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    Desperate Housewives

    We review the first episode of ABC's popular TV show, Desperate Housewives, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Get ready to venture down Wisteria Lane as we explore our feelings about the ensemble cast of women. Spoiler warning, it was not what we expected!

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    The Good Doctor

    We review the pilot episode of the The Good Doctor, an ABC medical drama, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Are you prepared for action, conflict, medical knowledge and more in this adaptation of a Korean drama? Spoiler warning, he is a good doctor!

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    We review the pilot episode of the Pokemon anime on this retro episode of The Pilot Podcast. The first episode "Pokémon - I Choose You!" not only sets up the adventures of Ash and Pikachu but also packs a lot of story and characters into 21 minutes. Do you think nostalgia is enough to make this show worth revisiting?

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    Life Sentence

    We review the pilot episode of the CW show, Life Sentence, on this episode of The Pilot Podcast. Stella's cancer is cured but her life is just starting. We'll let you know if this is the perfect premise for a Lifetime movie or a network television series.

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